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Talks and Worksheets


Below are documents, worksheets, etc. that have been used in various lectures and consulting seminars.


You are free to download and use them as well as copying them for your co-workers. We only ask you give credit via the copyright mark so the works can be properly attributed to eBizServices.


Please call us if you have any questions.


S.W.O.T. Worksheet  

This worksheet is commonly used as a method for evaluating competitiveness in a market, a group of competitors, or a single competitor.


Used in conjunction with the presentation below: Thinking Competitively ...All the Time, it gives a quick and effective method for creating the agile type of thinking you need to be truly competitive.

The Strategic Framework  

This simple tool outlines the entire strategic landscape needed to fully evaluate an organization's market environment, competitive position, and the numerous other development and communications resources all working in sync to achieve the organization's goals.

Thinking Competitively...All the Time  
A presentation discussing how to think about the competitive environment on a continuous basis. The lecture includes some tools to help you easily build a competitive process within your organization.